About smoke-addiction

Smoking. I used to do it – and love it – but quit some fifteen years ago because I could feel it was making me sick. The morning cough, constant clearing of the throat and foggy feeling in my head were tell tale signs that the white clouds I was inhaling were having a bad effect on my system. The addiction is also mentioned in Christiane Beerlandts book ‘The Key to self liberation’ in which she describes the psychological origins and solutions of some 1000 diseases. The exactness of the information contained in it has been proven by the experience of numerous scientists and medical doctors and more than 100,000 copies have already been sold of the Dutch and French versions.

This is what it says about smoke addiction:

“You live anxiously hiding behind a cloud of smoke. Inner combat: presenting yourself as YOU or stay in hiding? Behind the outer veil of security lies inner doubt. Who am I?

You don’t trust yourself, nor the world. You feel that you can’t reach yourself, you’re afraid of a part of yourself, you don’t dare to trust your intuition, energies, feelings. You stay hidden, pushing part of you away. You refuse transformation, a full break through of yourself with a mass of power and possibilities. You’re leading a frustrated life, not recognizing your value, you let your thoughts and feelings live you in stead of being aware in all openness towards yourself and taking life boldly into your own hands.

You think you  have to protect yourself because you don’t feel you are fully held by your own core, you trust your intuition too little. You live in your head too strongly, in your mind, your thoughts, plans, anxious feelings, nervousness. You cannot process it all because your life is not build on your strong basis. Your analysing powers and intuition are not connected with each other, you think you have to solve everything by control, because you experience the woman and mother in yourself as too cold, distant, secretive, unreachable. The man in yourself is under the influence of this ‘dead’ sucking female and lamed by it. Because you doubt your own value you build a fence around you behind which you hope to find yourself, so you can be safe. A flight.


Don’t be afraid of your deepest feelings, your desires, your intuition. Let these energies flow freely. Discover the warm, loving mother in yourself, stand up in unity! Distroy the doubt, don’t flee from yourself, discover your ME-center and let your feelings and energies radiate from the inside out. Dare to live all your feelings and powers loose from the interdictions. Surrender to yourself, don’t hide, be aware of your deepest values, give yourself love and trust. Be safe in yourself without needing to hold on to anything outside of yourself. Free yourself from dependancy, let your fears go, feel relaxt in your deepest core. Transform anxiousness into awareness. Don’t anaesthetize yourself, don’t push away your feelings but live them. Loving kindness for yourself distroys fears.

Be open, honest, have selfrespect, meltdown with every part of yourself. Bring up the deepest of yourself in honest communication with others. Confrontation leads to freedom. Do you have the idea that you don’t get enough love? Than the answer is in yourself. You are born with fear towards yourself, the feeling of not being worthy to be loved. Discover that value of beauty in yourself, you don’t have to hide. You are good just as you are.

(There is more, this book will be available in English in the near future.)

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